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Our Methodology

Classroom Teaching

Live Classes by experts as per the lesson plan in both offline and online mode.

Points to Remember

Classroom notes by teacher, supported by important points to remember makes the concepts stronger.

Class Exercise Sheet

practicing CBSE and Integrated questions with the experts with 40% real time questions.

Home Exercise Sheet

Comprehensive set of questions to be done and submitted within the due dates. Graded by teachers and by technology.

We Motivate

We are delivering a system that keeps the student encouraged and motivated to perform.

Doubt Clearing Sessions

The doubts from the exercise sheet and from the chapter are taken before we move for assessment.

Assessment System

We follow a set based approach and students perform assessment of chapters. sets and full syllabus.

Assessment Evaluation

The assessments marked by teachers and by technology are used to generate a detailed assessment report.

Solution Sheets

75%-100% of the solutions of exercise shoots and assessments to be provided on submission.

Parent Support System

We keep the guardian informed about the performance and share the detailed reports along with Interactions

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Our Courses


CBSE Course

We prepare students thoroughly for CBSE curriculum from classes IX-XII catering all the major subjects.

Integrated Course

Integrated course is a special course designed as per the requirement of students aspiring to write competitive exams. Integrated course consists of (CBSE + JEE/NEET).

Super English Course

Our English courses get your child ready for the next stage – whether it’s moving up a school year, starting secondary school, or into their bright future.

Technology Course

e mentor the young learners to thrive in this new world- with the education that equips them with future skills and raises awareness to become the architect of their life...

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Rising Stars

See our rising stars who have scored more than A+ Grade in CBSE Boards

Our goal is to make our students “FUTURE READY” so that their performance reaches their potential and that is where our focus of result orientation begins. That Why Guides Classes are Best Tuition Classes in Gurgaon.


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